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Jill Temporal


“I create vibrant acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings inspired by a connection to the natural world around me. My works encompass an emotive sense of Home and belonging, as well as paying homage to the engaging beauty and wonder of colour within nature.

I have a vivid colourist style using a strong expressive colour palette with elements taken from the Neo impressionist Pointillism technique, which I execute by looking for the colour, shape and form within the subject and over exaggerating to emphasise their dominancy to the viewer.

One of my most recent personal achievements has been participating in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the year 2019 series as a wildcard Artist. It was an extradentary experience! I am also honoured to be the Art and photography Judge for the annual Tickhill Horticultural Society show each September, I was also a judge for the Doncaster Art Fair’s 2020 “Art in response to mental health” Prize."

Jill Temporal
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