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Billy Woolrich

Writer, Performer & Creative Copy Editor

What clients do you typically work with?

My clients are usually freelance artists who seek my editing and proofreading skills.

Do you have any qualifications/certificates that are desirable to a client?

eg. DBS/First Aid/Safeguard Training

MA Writing for Performance and Publication. First Class BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Theatre Studies.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

All my creative outlets are incredibly exciting. The best thing about my writing is letting my bizarre, grim, queer creativity flow - marrying my love of dry, witty dialogue with my adoration of fantasy fiction.

Performing is my biggest passion and greatest talent - completely letting go and immersing myself in someone totally knew, no holds barred; I give every bit of myself to my performances.

Language has always been immensely intriguing to me; I have a superb grasp of the English language and I absolutely love to make other people's good writing great - my honesty, integrity and empathy make me an adept copy editor.

Billy Woolrich
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